Gulai Udang masak ala Padang

Gulai Udang ala Padang

300g udang size M (but its up to your liking)

1pc tumeric leave

2pc of daun limau purut

3pcs/strands of kacang panjang /long beans cut into an inch long

some corsely cut cucumber *optional

250ml thick coconut milk

100ml water

4tbs frying oil

salt and sugar to taste (i don’t you ajinamoto/MSG…not a big fan)

1tsp coriander powder / serbuk ketumbar

blended ingredients:

1 large onion

2clove garlic

1inch of ginger

1inch of tumeric

5pcs of green chilli padi /bird eye chilli *more if you want it HOT

2inch of lengkuas (i dunno what this called in english…but i looked like ginger)


  1. heat oil and add in the blended ingredients and coriander powder.
  2. fry until aromatic (sampai naik bau lar)
  3. then add in the coconut milk and water, stir gently until simmer
  4. add in the tumeric leaf, daun limau purut, the veges and the prawns
  5. cook for a good 5 mins in medium heat or until prawn is cooked

p/s: don’t cook for too long or the prawn will be stiff.

p/ss: this same recipe , you can replace the prawns with chicken.


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